Fence Repair

The Complete Guide on Fence Repair

Everyone loves their fence the first time that it is done. It would most likely be sparkly, clean and devoid of any dents or scratches. No matter how much we are in love at that time, a time would come when our fence would have issues. This would prompt us to engage in fence repairs. Here is everything you should know about making those fence repairs you desperately may want to avoid;

First Thing to do

The first thing you would have to do is to inspect your fence. To do this, look at your fence thoroughly to see if you can spot all the spaces where dent or other repairs might have to be done. This inspection would also allow you to be able to make a good estimate based on how much work would have to be done on that fence. It would also allow you to makeup your mind on if repairing the fence would be enough or if you would need to replace altogether.

Some Common Issues

There are some issues which are very common to fences especially when they are old and need repairs. Some of these issues include;

Wobbly Post

When a post has rotten at its foundation or has broken, one of the direct consequences of this is that it would become wobbly in nature. If the issue here is that the post is rotten, then a repair might not be enough, you would have to replace the post. However, if it is only a matter of the post being loose, you might need to use stakes to splint it in order to make it strong again. After this has been done, you should pour concrete base on it.

Loose rail

If your rail is loose, one of the things you can do to fix it is to screw it back in. You can also decide to have it mended using a piece of wood or some other form of metal. If however, the rail is bad, the best option available to you would be to simply replace the entire rail.

Sagging Gate

Sagging gate is one of the many problems which gates and fences tend to face as they grow old. When your gate starts to sag, the tendency is that it would become a big load to bear for the entire gate altogether. To fix this problem, you can put a wheel which should be small in size under a gate that is sagging. The truth is that sometimes, a sagging gate may deteriorate to the point where it has to be changed or replaced rather than fixing it. When this happens, you should endeavor to change it as soon as you can.


Fence repairs should be taken a good lookout as soon as possible in order to mitigate the damage which can be done. Fence repairs can be done by you depending on the extent of damage or can betaken care of by a repair fence company.