Dry Wall Repair

Tips you should following during Drywall repairs

Having a beautiful interior for your home is the dream which most individuals have. That dream can be quickly shattered when you have drywalls which have cracked, chipped or has been damaged in oneway or the other. Hence, the need to engage in drywall repairs is quite necessary. When your drywalls are fixed and ready to rumble, your room and home, in general, would have a crisp and better look all year round. Here are some tips which would help you in any drywall repairs you would have to make; 

Taping correctly is crucial

While performing drywall repairs, the need for you to tape correctly is crucial. Hence, you should always try to avoid using masking tapes or duct tapes for your taping duties. It is always better to use paper to tape. You could also use mesh tapes which are specifically used for drywall. However, the type of tape which you would use really depends on the different forms of repairs which you would have to make. For example, when you make sure of paper tape, you would have to use it for the repair of joint tear or cracks. It can also be used to repair dents made by the corner of the drywall.

The fiber glass tape would be used in situations where the drywall repairs has to do more with holes and joints.However, you should avoid using this type of tape when you are dealing with corner repairs.


In case you are wondering what Spackle means, it is simply a compound which can be applied on drywall repairs and is popular for its quick application method. Spackle is most used when it comes to repairing small holes which have appeared on drywall. It can also be used to fill up dents which have appeared all over your drywall. It is really the go-to material for all drywall repairs.

Texture cautiously

Have it in mind that drywall repairs go beyond the fixing of dents or holes in the drywall. It is also important that you know how to retexture your drywalls once the repairs are done. Failure. Todo this would make that drywall repair look different from the rest of the drywall. Another option which you have is to repaint the area which you have repaired. Retexturing is vital to have a nice even surface.

When retexturing, you should ensure that you are using the tool which was first used. This tool could include rollers, sponge and so much more. Try not to overdo things by being too persistence on over sanding. This is one mistake that people make in their zeal to do a thorough job.

Drywall repairs would almost surely vary in their size and extent of damage. These drywall repairs can be done by you if you know what you are doing and follow all the necessary tips. Your dry wall would be looking sharp and lovely once again. You would have your beautiful house back.